Scholarships already existed to provide for continued training for CLEARS Central Coast Chapter members in good standing. It was proposed that one of these scholarships be given the honor of bearing the name of "Kathy Malan", a long time member and supporter of CLEARS Central Coast.

Kathy was a 42 year resident of Ventura County and served the Ventura Police Department as a Police Records Supervisor for many years until her retirement in February of 2001. We were extremely saddened by her passing in November of 2002 after a valiant fight with cancer.

Kathy served this chapter in several capacities including President and Historian. While she was not able to attend many meetings in the last couple years, she wholeheartedly supported this Chapter during our hosting of the 1999 Annual Training Conference. She provided much needed assistance at registration and other functions. You may remember seeing Kathy at the registration table where she spent every day of the conference either registering attendees or acting as the information person.

Kathy was an avid birder so you may even have seen that book she brought every day to the conference! She had a love of travel and pursued her passions of travel and birding with her husband Pat.

Kathy could be counted on as a source of information. All you had to do was call and she was there with her quick wit and great laugh. Kathy was very low key and probably didn’t know how much she helped the chapter or us as individuals. I owe a debt of gratitude for the knowledge Kathy willingly shared and I believe this chapter owes her the same.

Kathy wholeheartedly believed in education. Her husband Pat Swift (Ret., VSO) endorsed the proposal and said, "Kathy would be so proud."

The "Kathy Malan Scholarship" was established February 14, 2003.  It is in the spirit of professional excellence that this tradition will continue for those special individuals who follow in Kathy's memory.


Scholarship Award Recipients

Since the inception of the "Kathy Malan" Award, the following Records Supervisor/Managers have been honored with the presentation of the award:

2017 Mary Sponhaltz/Paso Robles PD
2011 Ana Matosian/Ventura PD
2009 Bernice Allen/Santa Barbara SO
2004 Becky Clason/Santa Barbara SO
2003 Karen Thomas/Simi Valley PD